Executive Transition Management


The vacancy of a key position has the potential to place the organization at risk. Efforts to regroup can stall or derail completely in an organization which is unprepared. However, organizations that pay ongoing attention to talent-focused succession planning are typically nimble and flexible, having the skills and capacity at hand to meet whatever challenges may arise.


Strengthening Leaders assists clients in establishing conditions required for effective and smooth executive succession:


  • A Compelling Place to Work that attracts top performers
  • A Culture of Leadership where leadership is a way of life
  • A Leadership Agenda that provides practical aligned development opportunities and resources
  • Succession & Replacement Plans that address the most common transition scenarios 

A Client's Experience:  In Their Own Words

"We cannot begin to thank you enough for your outstanding contribution to the smooth transfer of leadership we have just experienced.
     Leadership transitions, especially from founding executive directors to their successors, are often problematic.
     Your wise counsel, however, has resulted in a healthy and empowering transition. I have heard nothing but praise from our new executive director, our staff, and our Board chairman for your professional, insightful and compassionate conduct.
     I profited greatly from your expertise in helping me understand the steps I needed to take to successfully pass the baton of leadership.
     You and your colleagues at Strengthening Leaders have helped our organization to be better prepared for the opportunities of the future."

Bob Waldron
Former Executive Director
Missions Resource Network

      "I'm writing this to endorse Strengthening Leaders L3C and particularly Bill Frisby. As the incoming Executive Director, his counsel was invaluable to our making a smooth transition. This was not easy because our situation had numerous potential pitfalls.
     I honestly cannot imagine having such a smooth and peaceful transition without the aid of Bill and his team."

Dr. Dan Bouchelle
Executive Director
Missions Resource

Executive Leadership Development Focus


Strengthening Leaders has developed models, tools, and processes to assist leaders in being effective in four areas of focus: 



Define Work/Life Goals

Act with Integrity

Embrace Leadership

Champion Creativity & Innovation

Know and Develop Self

Act Decisively 



Build a Common Purpose

Promote Shared Values

Establish Accountability

Align People and Processes

Attract & Develop Talent

Manage Performance 



Anticipate and lead through uncertainty and change

Value & Leverage Diversity

Develop Teamwork

Leverage Knowledge and Technology

Foster a Learning Environment

Manage by Metrics 



Apply a Global Perspective

Focus on the Customer

Secure Stakeholder Commitment

Benchmark against world-class performance

Link Learning to the Business

Drive for Results

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