Is designed to develop cultural learners who are aware of their own culture, appreciate the culture of others, and know how to turn cultural differences into cultural bridges and co-existence into synergy in work and living environments.

Training Program Length:

1, 2 or 3 Days depending on the Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) Levels covered, one day per Level.
Level 4 training is delivered through individual or team coaching and consulting.

Outcomes - A Result of Learning at 4 Levels:

Level 1:  Inter-Cultural Learner
Level 2: Self & Inter-Cultural Mapping
Level 3:  Inter-Cultural Navigation
Level 4:  Strategic Organizational Alignment

Cultural Mapping Assessment: Level 2 of the program employs the output of a cultural mapping assessment that is completed by all participants.

Cultural Mapping©
is a powerful tool to discover the impact of inter-cultural dynamics in the work environment. This tool will help you to develop your inter-cultural intelligence and leadership ability.

Some of the Benefits of Cultural Mapping :

1. Discover how the 12 Dimensions of Culture have an impact on the work related behavior of the different members of the team.
2. Use the know-how of Cultural Mapping to gain inter-cultural personal and team dynamics insights.
3. Adjust and fine-tune your team and relational strategies in internal and external organizational relations.
4. Solve conflict on the basis of a solid understanding of the 'why' of inter-culturally rooted conflicts.
5. Come to grips with the cultural drivers amongst the leadership of the organization and use that to drive the Corporate Culture Development process.

The 4 Level ICI Development Framework

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