Executive Coaching
Organizational Consulting

Maximizing Inter-Cultural Intelligence by:
- Improving Inter-Cultural Communications
          - Building Effective Relationships Across Cultures
    - Adapting Quickly To New Cultural Dynamics
- Creating Long-Term Sustainable Success


Creating new cultural spaces together to facilitate win-win solutions, by anticipating, correctly interpreting, and adjusting to the culturally defined behavioral habits of others.

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Strengthening Leaders, an associate of KnowledgeWorkx Ltd in the United Arab Emirates with offices globally provides programs for Inter-Cultural Intelligence to be developed and applied on individual, team and organizational levels in the following areas -
* Negotiating
* Leadership
* Presentations
* Communication
* Motivation
* Team Development and Dynamics
* Team Building Interventions
* Conflict Resolution
* Mergers and Acquisitions
* Joint Ventures
* Stakeholder Alignment
* Rewards & Incentives
* Expatriate Postings
* and More

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but will be the ones who cannot read or map cultures and act without Inter-Cultural Intelligence."
                Dr. Gustav Gouse
                South Africa

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No matter where YOU are in the global or local economy, building quality Inter-Cultural relationships is critical for success.

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