Strengthening Leaders Can Help You 
Develop A High Performance Executive Team

For all the promise of contributing exceptional value, executive team performance often fails to justify the huge investment of time and talent. 


The Strengthening Leaders team has brought together our experience on three levels—as executive team leaders, as executive team members, and as consultants—to help clients harness the collective energy and talent of their senior teams:


  • Moving from ‘me’ to ‘we’—developing recognition and legitimacy as an executive team both within and outside the organization
  • Speaking with one voice—creating and communicating a shared vision and direction
  • Avoiding analysis paralysis—clarifying decision rights, guidelines and processes
  • Working together—agreeing on the ‘what, why, when and how’ of executive teamwork
  • Achieving high performance—organizing and managing the work, dealing with multiple constituencies, producing positive results
  • Assuring accountability—developing trust, establishing governing principles, monitoring and improving individual and team effectiveness

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