"I commend Bill and his expertise to all who need help and desire to grow in their ability to lead well."

"I highly recommend making it a practice to have Bill meet with your leadership team regularly."

"Bill Frisby has lived and worked internationally for many years. He has a multi-national network and effectively forges global strategic alliances. He brings to his clients a unique and extensive cross-cultural, leadership, and organizational development experience. My friend Bill is a proven international organizational consultant and a world class team builder who consistently applies his experience, insight and wisdom to the needs of his clients in the USA and across the globe."

Bobb Biehl
Executive Mentor
Founder and President
                                        Masterplanning Group International, Leadership Academy, Consulting Institute


"I have known Bill Frisby and worked along side of him over the past 10 years. Together we have worked as trainers with the International Training Alliance, serving leaders from many organizations and in different developing countries. After being exposed to ministry in many countries I am convinced that one of the major needs within the life of the Church worldwide, both in the developed and the underdeveloped world is for competent and Godly leaders. I have been impressed at Bill's desire and commitment to life long learning. His years in Commerce, Ministry, Leadership, Consulting and Leadership training give him a breadth of background and experience that fit him exactly for his current work. He has the tools and deep desire to see the effectiveness of leaders enhanced through his expertise and mentoring. I commend him and his expertise to all who need help and desire to grow in their ability to lead well."

David Cummings
International Ambassador for Wycliffe Bible Translators
Former International President of Wycliffe Bible Translators
                              Chairman of the International Training Alliance


“Wycliffe Associates was going through a significant leadership and structural change two years ago.  New leaders were taking strategic leadership positions and they needed  someone to come along side and provide an objective sounding board.  Bill Frisby, with Strengthening Leaders, LLC brought the level of professional executive mentoring and leadership resources that we desperately needed.  He is gifted in listening intently, asking enlightening questions and identifying the crux of the matter that is often hidden.  His executive experience with multiple missions and ministry oriented organizations, and his cross-cultural living, provides a level of authenticity that is expected and refreshing in an executive mentor.  Bill’s spiritual maturity is fresh and alive and colors every bit of his theory and practice of leadership.  
I would highly encourage any Christian executive to take serious the opportunity to have Bill Frisby and his team to lean in and provide godly wisdom to his or her challenges.”

  Brent D. Hulett, DMin
  Former Vice President of Recruiting - Wycliffe Associates



"Bill Frisby's passion is to develop people and help them become strong leaders. His mentoring energy grows out of a lifetime of leadership and management involvement in businesses and ministries. Heart Sounds International, a global music ministry, faced the need for a sizable leadership audit as a result of recent growth. We were not ready to fully handle our future. We needed strengthening of organizational structure to take us down a new runway and into a new orbit of ministry. We soon discovered that Bill knew how to do his homework. Before long we also discovered he knew almost as much about us as the entire leadership team. Bill guided us through a strategic leadership transition. We not only had access to someone with a full tool chest of diagnostic and planning tools to draw on, but we also were privileged to be mentored by someone with godly character, patience and thoroughness as he carefully guided us through our process of organizational change. The result, we confidently embraced our greater calling as a music ministry for the nations. Bill continues to consult and mentor us as we continue the journey.


 Frank Fortunato
 Executive Director - Heart Sounds International


"As an international organization with work in 118 countries, the growth in these fields have outpaced our ability to fund it all. We have been charged with building a greater capacity to raise funds. Bill has been an extraordinary resource to help me walk through goal setting, strategic planning, team building, prioritizing next steps while envisioning the long range future. He has also been working directly with each of our key team members to help them set strategy and stay on target with their goals. With Bill's help, and a focused team, we are way ahead of our financial goals."

  Regina Carle
  Vice President Development & Marketing


"Bill Frisby and Strengthening Leaders offers the total package. His knowledge, passion, and strategic thinking has refocused and energized me as a leader and Media Production Group as an organization. Quickly Bill proved himself to be a person of insight and resourcefulness."

Chuck Oakley
CEO and President 
Media Production Group (MPG)


"We called in Bill Frisby to come and help our team in Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH) when we felt like we had done all we knew to do and still could not go forward functioning as a healthy leadership team. We were at the point of falling apart as a leadership team; knowing that we were all called but finding it hard to work together. We thought most of our conflict came from personality differences, but through Bill's guidance and probing questions we realized the structures we had set up were working against us. Bill didn't come with his answers or solutions to our problems, but with thoughtful questions and careful guidance he brought us to a place where we could see our situation and the things we needed to change. Bill was involved from the moment we contacted him, initially through e-mail and giving us home work, then in coming to meet the team personally on very short notice. Bill helped us work through all the issues. His commitment was amazing and seen in his willingness to come to a follow-up meeting a few months later where we could evaluate the changes we made and whether we followed through on our commitments. Today our leadership team functions well! We are still together working to advance God's Kingdom in BiH. I know I can contact Bill anytime if I need help, he has become a friend."

  Annelea Blignaut
  National Director
  OM Bosnia Herzegovina



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