Can Help
Impact Communities
and Extend the Work of Charities
Through Transformational Business

·         The L3C offers foundations a powerful new tool to achieve their mission.

·         It gives businesses a wholly new vehicle to make socially responsible investments.

·         It expands the capital available for non-profits to continue their important work.

·         It’s the perfect marriage of the for-profit and non-profit world.

What is an L3C?


·         A type of LLC. L3C = Low-Profit Limited Liability Company, is able to bring together a mix of financial capital from foundations, trusts, endowments, pension plans, individuals, corporations, and governmental entities in order to achieve social objectives while operating according to for-profit metrics.

·         Just like any LLC, an L3C is a for-profit entity and has the liability protection of a corporation and the flexibility of a partnership.

·         Unlike the standard LLC, an L3C is explicitly formed to further a socially beneficial mission and qualify as a Program Related Investment for foundation partners.

L3C – Investor Benefits


·         The ability of the foundation to invest at less than the market rate and at higher risk lowers the risk to other investors while increasing their potential rate of return.

·         The foundation is able to further its mission while making an investment rather than a grant.

·         Entrepreneurs/management can have incentive opportunities.

·         The for-profit/private investor is able to make a market-driven investment where none existed previously.

·         The foundation leverages its capital to increase the overall investment.

Strengthening Leaders is Interested in
Facilitating the Development of L3C Entities
for Socially Beneficial Purposes
with Strategic Investors and Non-Profits.
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